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Roy Bryan

Roy Bryan is a software developer and front-end web developer. He became a hobbyist in 2013 when he was trying to learn how to write computer applications and got introduced to microcontrollers instead. Since then, aside from expanding his knowledge on microcontrollers and circuitry, he has learned several programming languages by writing games and mathematical console applications. Bryan graduated from Liberty University, where he studied business and computer science. He knows C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript and is also familiar with PHP, SQL and x86 (Assembly).

Ethan Cannelongo

Ethan Cannelongo is a full stack website and mobile app developer. He originally started programming using the C# language in 2018. During this time, Ethan learned the essential aspects to front-end development, including UI-design and user-interactivity using Xamarin. Come 2019, Ethan started work as a freelance iOS app developer where he created a professional app using XCode and the Swift programming language. Since then, he has expanded his knowledge into cross-platform web and app development using frameworks such as ReactJS and React Native, and server-side development using NodeJS. Currently, Ethan is a student at Liberty University studying Computer Science.